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Introducing The


63rd  Annual  Season

Roots, Riffs & Roguery

Season Highlights Include Symphony of Illusion, Dvořák & Beethoven, Lemony Snicket, Opera Week, The Music of David Ruffin, & More!

Welcome to the 63rd Season of the Meridian Symphony Association! In keeping with our theme of honoring the past, celebrating the present, and investing in the future, this season has been carefully and enthusiastically curated with our entire community in mind and with the deepest regard to the incredible musical heritage the Queen City holds.

This season you will see three distinct elements weaving throughout everything we do and present as we strive to continue making Meridian Sound Amazing:

Roots: Honoring our artistic roots is part of the MSA mission. This season not only highlights the extraordinary artistry infused in Meridian, swirled throughout Mississippi, and scattered liberally around the Southeast, but also shines a spotlight on the new and emerging artists of a generation that strives to uphold these traditions of artistic excellence.

Riffs: Celebrating our current and up-and-coming arts community, this season will be filled with some of the best music in the world — riffs that we hope inspire you, move you, groove you, and change you. Whether it’s the life-altering classical fusion of Édouard Lalo, the nostalgic tunes of your favorite movie scores, or the classical/hip-hop mash-up of the new generation, these riffs will show you a different side of music that may just help you find a new favorite.

Roguery: Mary Poppins believed, “In every job that is to be done, there must be an element of fun!” This season will bring an element of mystery, minor misfortune, and a hint of mischief that is sure to be fun for everyone. Be on the lookout for our first hint of roguery as we embark on our most fun season yet.

We hope you join us for every note of our symphony of roots, riffs and roguery!

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A Night of Soul @ Soulé

Espresso & Prosecco

The Music of Motown, The Ruffin Brothers, & Eddie Houston

Saturday, November 18 2023

The Bach Coffee Cantata

Thursday, January 25 2024

Classical Cocktails

Featuring MSO Ensembles & Meridian Mixologists

Saturday, February 17 2024

A Young Night

The Princess Symphony

At The Velma Young Community Center

Thursday, February 29 2024

At The Meridian Little Theatre

Spring 2024

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