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Welcome to Symphony Sounds!

The Meridian Symphony Association's commitment to creating and facilitating opportunities for arts education throughout the community remains stronger than ever through the challenges of COVID-19. 

We have mobilized our musicians and teaching artists to create Symphony Sounds, a virtual education initiative designed to impact students regardless of their educational programming this year. 

Every month, MSA will publish new educational videos featuring one of our orchestra members sharing information about their instrument and musical knowledge. Additionally, students will have the opportunity each month to participate in educational activities to stimulate artistic learning. Be on the lookout for exciting contests and updates through our newsletters and social media pages!

How Does The Trombone Work?

December 2020

Learn about the trombone, one of the symphony's simplest and most recognizable instruments! MSO musician Cliff Taylor explains the mechanics of the trombone and demonstrates how to play the instrument in his video.

After watching the video, students can continue to learn about brass instruments by visiting the interactive game linked below.

All About The Timpani!

November 2020

MSO musician Laura Noah teaches students about the timpani, an explosive contributor to a symphony's percussion section.

We challenge students to further their learning about percussion 

instruments by completing the worksheet below!

Worksheet courtesy of musicfun.net. 

Welcome to Symphony Sounds!

October 2020

This month, students are invited to enjoy a coloring page (available for download below) to further their artistic learning at home or in-person! 

Additionally, students may send us images of their artwork by October 31 to be entered in our coloring page contest. We will be offering prizes for winners, including the #1 winner to name the Symphony Sounds mascot, the historic carousel horse! 

Peter Rubardt, Music Director

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