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Image by David Beale

Meridian Symphony Chorus

Dr. Kristen Gunn, Choral Director



The Meridian Symphony Chorus is an exciting group of community members ranging in age from 15-80+ years! The Meridian Symphony Chorus rehearses weekly, preparing for main stage performances with the Meridian Symphony Orchestra.

Practice. Refine. Create.


"The Meridian Symphony Chorus strives to bring music to our community in many ways; however, the most important aspect of symphony chorus is what happens within rehearsals.  Weekly rehearsals bring people of many different backgrounds together to practice, to refine and to create.  It is a meaningful process and discipline that culminates in a rewarding, live performance for our community."

The chorus is featured annually in Peppermint Pops and often performs major works with the Meridian Symphony Orchestra. 

There is no audition required to join. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the chorus, please contact Dr. Gunn.

Meridian Symphony Chorus 2023-24 Roster


Ginger Grissom
Sharon Eason
Bethany Davis
Leah Kiple
Mev Knight
Sarah Pogue
Mandy Galyean
Kay Poole
Amy Poole McMinn
Katie Coleman
Kim Vinson
Therese Scarborough 
Tena Baskin
Valla Taylor


Alanna Burns
Sabina Ivy
Claire Hanschke 
Joellen Reeves
Miletus McKee
Betty Triplett
Celesta Espinosa
Jackie Moss
Jo Benson
Katie Sorey
Kay McKenna
Leslie Johnston
Kay O’Shaughnessy
Yasmin Hakima
Patricia Coxwell


Harold Brassfield
Ricky Nelson
André Blake
Rodney Forbis
Austin McGehee
Chartayvius Edwards
Barracka Bland
Kevin Williams


Mike Triplett
Douglas Coleman
Lawrence Birzer
John McPhearson
Carl Blackwell
Stacy Davis
Roger Burke
Steven Ivy
Grey Coleman 
Ralph Clark

Collaborative Pianist

David Benson

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