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Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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The Community Chords Healing Harmonies initiative is designed to provide therapy, health benefits, and education to a population that currently has very few resources in our community. This project has been designed with a great deal of partnership and resource collaboration in order to serve oncology patients, individuals suffering from neurological trauma & diseases, loved ones and caregivers of these patients, and the healthcare professionalswho have worked tirelessly to protect and serve our communities through the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, this program will serve as a training ground for the next generation of educators and counselors, as it will be an official internship site for Mississippi State University's Department of Education and serve as an approved practicum program for the University's Department of Counseling.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Anderson Regional Health System & Mississippi State University, the Meridian Symphony Association will offer on-site music therapy for oncology & neurology patients, as well as therapy classes & workshops at The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience, where we propose to combine music & tactile art therapy for in-home care patients & education and support classes for families & caregivers. The Healing Harmonies program also provides guided mindfulness sessions for hospital staff which combines a guided session & live or recorded music to assist staff members in combating extreme exhaustion/fatigue, grief, & stress while working within today’s COVID-19 medical field. Additionally, the second phase of the Healing Harmonies program will incorporate pediatrics/NIC-U & adolescent trauma - an arm of the program which can also be incorporated within the local school systems, at Care Lodge, & Hope Village.


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Carra Purvis

Executive Director, Meridian Symphony Association

Jewel Lynne Shirley

Music Therapist, Meridian Symphony Association

Dr. Zainab Daud

Neurology, Anderson Regional Health Systems

Laura Carmichael

Director of Development, Anderson Regional Health Systems

Dr. Matt Cassell

Oncology, Anderson Regional Health Systems

Dr. Kim Hall

MSU - Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, College of Education, Starkville; Head, Division of Education, Meridian

Mark Tullos

Executive Director, The MAX

Coleman Warner

Director of Development, The Max

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