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Education & Outreach

Community Chords, Meridian Symphony Association

Engaging Our Community by Celebrating, Teaching, Collaborating, & Healing

Community Chords: Celebrating, Meridian Symphony Association

Community Chords Celebrating shines a spotlight on the heritage of cultural arts in Meridian and the surrounding areas, as well as the heritage of the ever-changing and growing population of its residents. 

Community Chords: Teaching, Meridian Symphony Association

The Community Chords Teaching Program is designed to provide opportunities for all in our community to have access to the arts and have continued arts education available throughout all stages of life.

Community Chords: Collaborating, Meridian Symphony Association

Community Chords Collaborating brings together the immense skills, talents, and resources of the area’s existing cultural arts organizations in order to leverage their collective missions. We are better together, and our community will be more deeply impacted by our teamwork.

Community Chords: Healing, Meridian Symphony Association

The Community Chords Healing initiative is designed to provide various therapies, health benefits, and education to our community through the power of music and the arts.

Healing Harmonies, Meridian Symphony Association

Healing Harmonies is a music therapy program serving oncology patients, individuals suffering from neurological trauma & diseases, loved ones and caregivers of these patients, and the healthcare professionals who have worked tirelessly to protect and serve our communities.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Through our Community Chords program for overall education and community engagement, the Meridian Symphony Association collaborates with multiple cultural arts organizations, government agencies, medical facilities, and community service groups to bring a wide range of activities to our area. In 2023-2024, the offerings include:

Sept. 28, 2023            Chee-Yun: Masterclass Of Brilliance

Jan. 22-27, 2024       Educational Opera Week

Jan. 26 -27, 2024      Collegiate Opera Conference

Apr. 14-15, 2024         OrKIDStra!

Feb. 29, 2024              Classical/hip-hop mash-up Studio Workshops (ft. John Uzodinma)

Mar. 1, 2024                  Full Moon on 5th (ft. John Uzodinma, electric violin)

Spring 2024                 The Science of Sound (ft. Stormin’ Bob Swanson, the Singing Weatherman)

May 3, 2024                  Woodwind Master Classes (ft. Timothy McAllister)

Spring 2024                 Rhythm of the Rails (in partnership with the Meridian Railroad Museum)

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