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Introducing The


62nd  Annual  Season

The Queen City Shines

It is evident our community would not be what it is today without its history of remarkable musicians — from the great Jimmie Rodgers and David Ruffin, to Redd Evans, Paul Davis, Steve Forbert and so many more! These iconic Meridian musicians have helped shape our community into the thriving cultural arts community it is today, and for 62 years, the Meridian Symphony has been a part of it all. Although none of these artists that have been mentioned are known for classical music, each of them at some point in their lives was influenced by classical music — orchestral music — and they were fortunate enough to grow up in a city that boasts a professional symphony now 62-years strong.

The Queen City community is unique — one big, contradictory, spellbinding, ever-changing and absolutely authentic museum of the South and of America in the 21st century. We all see and feel this every day. The Meridian Symphony plays for audiences of extremes, often under the same roof. We provide concerts, activities and events for those who have a lot and those who have little; those who have had the privilege of higher education; and those who have been struggling for generations to make a life for themselves.

Our community has gorgeous, world-renowned architecture standing next to derelict buildings. We have the strong, proud and tidy presence of the Naval Air Station juxtaposed against the eerie abandoned remnants of a once thriving mill industry. The contradictions and extremes are evident everywhere. The modern-day challenge set before the Meridian Symphony is how to stay genuine to its straight-laced classical roots while being relevant and relatable to a community of such extremes — those of Jimmie Rodgers’ country, Lovie Lee’s blues, Redd Evans’jazz and the soft rock of Paul Davis.

Yes, the Queen City is unique. It once was a thriving metropolis of artistic and innovative Southern genius. And it is on its way to becoming that again. You see, there is something in Meridian for everyone. There is something in Meridian worthsaving for everyone. There always has been.


If there is something in Meridian for everyone, then there must be something here at the Meridian Symphony for everyone — something that makes us all better, stronger and more vibrant than ever before. As the Queen City rises again to let her crown shine, may we honor these artistic roots, celebrate our thriving present and invest in the future of music in Meridian.

Welcome to the 62nd Season of the Meridian Symphony.
Truly, Meridian Sounds Amazing!

The Queen City Shines
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Tchaikovsky Discovers America


Mingle with the Maestro

Thursday, September 8 2022

Charcuterie & Champagne

Sunday, March 5 2023

The Music of Paul Davis

Saturday, November 19 2022

The Princess Symphony

Saturday, April 15 2023

Symphony Series
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