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Celebrate The Arts! at Poplar Springs Elementary

Symphony Fun Fest

Symphony Fun Fest is a community educational program where children are introduced to the four primary groups of the symphony (strings, brass, percussion, woodwinds) as trained professionals demonstrate and give hands-on learning opportunities with instruments of each group. The children not only become better educated about the various orchestral instruments, but they are also granted the opportunity to play these instruments and broaden their musical horizons. 

Additionally, at the end of the day the children have the opportunity to create an instrument of their very own: a hose horn. Constructed from a small piece of gardening hose, duct tape, a plastic funnel, and a mouthpiece, these assembled parts provide the student with a brass-like instrument. The children also have the opportunity to showcase their learning by playing their hose horn along with orchestra in a mini-concert performance.


In summary, if parents want their children to participate in educational, fun, and artistic activities over the summer, look no further than the Meridian Symphony Association's annual Symphony Fun Fest!

Symphony Fun Fest occurs each June at Meridian Community College's Davidson Fine Arts Building. Ages 5+ are welcome. 

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