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President: Megan Porter

Vice President: Kaki Knight

Secretary: Debra Munsell

Treasurer: Tommy Hurt


Jan Bessert

Douglas Coleman

Dan Confait

Dr. John McEachin, Member Emeritus

Hardy Graham, Jr.

Keemonica Gowdy

Frances Hinton

Robin Hull

Tommy Hurtt

Michelle Kiefer

Kaki Knight

Zena Limerick, Immediate Past President

Cissi Majure

Dr. Shelley McDonald

Dr. Debra Munsell

Dr. Stacey McNeil

Rachel Pomeroy

Megan Porter

Judge Jim Potuk

Sharon Pratt

Dr. Lindsey Prewitt

Zachari Ruff

Gina Sharman

Nickey Trahan

Tyler Walton

Aaron Windham

Dr. Anna Wile

Lisa Young


Dr. Dan Barnard

Dr. Kristen Gunn

Susie Johnson

Michael Truelove


Meet Megan Porter

Shortly after moving back to Meridian, Megan Porter joined the Meridian Symphony Association Board of Directors where she has served in a variety of roles over the last several years. Having previously held the position of Vice-President for two seasons, she is currently entering her third term as Board President.

Megan's appreciation and interest in symphonic music can be attributed to her father. "As a child, my parents made sure my brothers and I had a good foundation in music and were involved in music lessons from an early age. For several years, I played viola in Meridian's community orchestra. The fact that I had the opportunity to play the same viola my dad played through high school and college made it even more special. Although music is not a career path I ultimately pursued, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by orchestral music and to work with an organization that plays a major role in bringing classical music to our community."  

Porter earned her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Cognitive Studies from Millsaps College and a joint Master in Public Health (MPH) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). She currently works in the healthcare sector in program management.

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