Symphony Doo Dah

Interactive Family & Community Concert

April 9, 2021

Returning this year with more sounds of excitement than ever:

Symphony Doo Dah, a magical, musical experience for the entire family in length and content! 

The Meridian Symphony Association is a proud partner of Carnegie Hall's Link Up program. Through Link Up, students in grades 3–5 are given the opportunity to sing and play an instrument in the classroom and perform with a professional orchestra from their seats at a culminating concert. Following Link Up's educational morning concert, the Meridian Symphony Orchestra hosts an interactive family and community concert in the evening for our valued patrons (of all ages)!​


Join us for a magical musical adventure like no other - a family-style concert followed by a Character Parade from the MSU Riley Center to The MAX, ending with a party packed with hands-on musical education activities, crafts, snacks, a meet & greet with your favorite storybook characters, and even more music. 

Meridian sounds fun!

We invite you to join us for an earlier concert time and a post-concert celebration! March with your children down Main Street Meridian to The MAX, where we will host a Character Meet & Greet and Instrument Zoo.

This concert takes place at our home venue, the MSU Riley Center.

The Meridian Symphony Orchestra extends special thanks to Stage 2 actors for their volunteerism and commitment to this annual event!

Peter Rubardt, Music Director

Join us!

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